full color printing

full color printing on 100% cotton - soft feel

Full Color Shirt Printing

This is a printing process for garments using specialized inkjet technology.
Specialty inks (inkjet textile inks) are directly applied to the garment and are absorbed by the fibers.
With this new technology we have the ability to print full color pictures or graphics without any iron-ons involved.
We can create amazing "Vintage" effects with this printing technology!

-APPLIES ONLY TO 100% cotton and certain brands/styles of items-
We do not accept customer supplied garments

full color print on ANY color of shirt or other garments / items

We combine vibrant, full-color digital printing with eco-friendly water based ink to create a digital hybrid print with limitless possibilities.

No Minimum Order.

-APPLIES TO 100% cotton , 50/50 Polyblends and 100% Polyester-
Restrictions applies to customer provided garments.

Full Color Shirt Printing

Limited same day services available in a first come first serve basis .
Please check store for availability. 
*Restrictions Apply.

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